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Why do you love anthropology?

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Why do you S_S-Classic-Heart-Pink_1024x1024 anthropology? We thought we’d get an early start celebrating Valentine’s Day and the Feb. 18 Anthropology Day event by sharing the #AnthroLove.

Read the responses below from AAA President Alisse Waterston and her colleagues at John Jay College CUNY. Then share your own story with us in the comments!


I got to anthropology the long way, and later than most. Almost 30 years old when I “discovered” the field—well after I had completed my undergraduate education—I found anthropology to be the discipline that would best help me understand the world as it exists rather than as I may have wanted it to be. Anthropology gave me the intellectual tools to step outside myself and question what I thought I knew. It helped me realize and come to terms with the human capacity for cleverness, creativity, connection as well as delusion and other…

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